Tyre Management

Bringing you complete commercial tyre management services.

Expert Tyre Care

We offer a non-brand affiliated commercial tyre management service, providing fleet owners with end-to-end commercial tyre management solutions. We ensure optimal tyre lifespan and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Our specialist commercial tyre consultants use international technologies to provide 24/7 on-site and/or mobile services and solutions to many large commercial vehicle fleet operators nationally.

Tyre Management 2

Improve Safety, Reduce Costs

With tyres being one of the most significant costs for commercial fleet operations, we understand the importance of increasing productivity whilst reducing the total cost of tyre usage. Each year we manage on average 33 000 commercial tyres, inspect and report on 180 000 tyres and monitor 36 000 tyre movements which travel over 10 million kilometres bringing up to 20% savings on fleet operating costs.

Our commercial vehicle tyre management services will ensure cost reductions through maximizing the tyre’s life, detailed cost analysis and the improved operating uptime of your fleet.*

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