Reduce your overall fleet risk with a tracking and telematics device. We use data collected from the vehicle to identify saving opportunities and improve driver safety. The data is consolidated with all other fleet data, into a singular reporting platform, providing real insights into vehicle expenses and reduce the risk of operating a fleet.


You require a partner who understands the drivers of value across the business and who can think differently about how the movement of people and goods contributes to the drivers of value.

We bring our innovative mindset to the business to solve problems and create new opportunities with constantly enhanced products and reports. Our objective is to provide our customers with a telematics solution that will ultimately reduce both the risk and costs related to your fleet, through risk mitigation and support services.


Our vehicle telematics and tracking service includes the ability to immobilise vehicles, and activate stolen vehicle recovery through our partners Capital Air; backed by a range of key reports that provide data on rudiments of driver behaviour for example harsh breaking; speeding and idling. The data collected and reported on has a direct impact on the operating and running costs of your fleet.

Here at Eqstra, we can provide an aggregated view of your fleet operations when combining other fleet management services and this allows us to identify key areas within your fleet that can be optimised to create efficiencies and savings for your business.

EQSTRA Fleet Management's stolen vehicle recovery.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Get access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's automated reporting and mobile app.

Automated Reporting and Mobile App

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's fleet performance dashboards.

Fleet Performance Dashboards

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's driver identification.

Driver Identification

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's remote vehicle immobilisation and speed governing.

Remote Vehicle Immobilisation and Speed Governing

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's Route optimisation and planning.

Route Optimisation and Planning

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's impact sensors and accident reenactment.

Impact Sensors and Accident Reenactment

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's driver fatigue monitoring.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's driver cams and automatic cargo locks.

Driver Cams and Automatic Cargo Locks

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