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Fleet management is a service which allows companies to remove or minimise the risks associated with vehicle ownership, improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately reduce the costs relating to transportation. At EQSTRA, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a range of fleet management solutions to choose from, backed by a reliable and transparent service.

Fleet Partner of Choice

With nearly 40 years of fleet management experience including full maintenance leasing; sale and leaseback; vehicle procurement and vehicle resale; vehicle tracking and telematics; insurance; maintenance and service plans; fuel and toll management; vehicle licence; registration; traffic fine management and short term vehicle rental services.

The range of functions involved in fleet management are highly interrelated and generally integrated. While some services and products can be contracted separately, our solution include a system that integrates the data from the various products and services for optimisation in a single view.

Our Story

We aim to effectively manage the consequences of our activities and actively strive to lessen the impact we have on the environment, uphold our commitment to our social responsibility and maintain the highest standards of governance.

We believe that our commitment to all stakeholders secures stakeholder trust and our reputation as a good corporate citizen to invest in, do business with and work for.

Socio-Economic Development Initiatives (SED) 

Our SED initiatives are driven by the goal of bringing about long-term improvements in the lives of people. Through these initiatives, we strive to create a better future for everyone involved.  

Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund

Theo Jackson Scholarship Fund (TJSF)

The TJSF provides scholarships to underprivileged and financially disadvantaged boys at Jeppe High School for Boys. It is the largest scholarship of its nature in the country. We are proud to be involved in increasing the number of boys benefiting from TJSF. Currently, we are sponsoring 4 boys.

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Initiative summaries_Enkelbantwana Primary School_About Us page

Enkelbantwana Primary School

Enkelbantwana Primary School is situated in Bulwer, KwaZulu-Natal consisting of 500 students and 20 teachers. As its students travel roads busy with truck traffic, their school patrol lady, the "Lollipop Lady," Irene is a true guardian angel for the school community helping little ones cross the road and reminding drivers to slow down. Currently, we sponsor Irene's salary alongside patrol uniforms and food hampers donated to the school.

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Initiatives summaries_Ekhuruleni Welfares_About Us page

Ekhuruleni Welfares

Ekhuruleni Welfares consist of non-profit organisations that protect and promote the interests, well-being, safety and development of children within the context of family and community and to safeguard the rights of children through a holistic, intersectoral, developmental and comprehensive system of social services. We continuously assist these welfares with hampers, sponsoring of electrical, plumbing, vehicle services etc.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) 

Additionally, our ESD Program is dedicated to contributing significantly to the inclusive economic development and growth of South Africa. We have a special focus on supporting small black-owned enterprises, as we believe in the power of their potential.   

Enterprise and Supplier Development_PK Assessors

PK Assessors

Provided with laptops, printers and cameras.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development_Eezi Serv

Eezi Serv

Donated a courtesy vehicle to.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development_African Truck Solutions

African Truck Solutions

Donated a courtesy vehicle to.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development_Prems Auto

Prems Auto

Provided with tools and equipment.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development_Influx Auto

Influx Auto

Provided with tools and equipment.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development_Re ea Ipopa Mechanical Suppliers

Re ea Ipopa Mechanical Suppliers

Provided with tools and equipment.

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