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Range of fleet services that can stand alone or form part of an integrated solution.

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We offer full fleet management services, tailored to your specific business needs.

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Insurance is crucial

Adapt your insurance cover to suit your fleet.



Keep track of all your fleet financials on one platform. Regularly review rates to make sure never pay more than necessary.

Competitive Insurance

Compare all insurance options and find the right solution for your fleet and business as a whole.

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Warranty Details

Make sure your warranty covers the areas your fleet is most at risk.

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Hidden Costs

Streamline your fleet financials to eliminate all hidden and unnecessary costs.

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Download Insurance solutions

Learn your bargaining power

Insurance companies want your business and this can be a big advantage.

Pay the best possible rates for your fleet structure.

Don’t pay for unnecessary added extras.

Regularly review your policies to see if rates can be reduced.

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Best Insurance rates

Are you sure you’re paying the best possible insurance rates?

Get expert analysis of your insurance portfolio to make sure your critical needs are covered, and that you’re paying the best possible rates.

Analyse Needs

Analyse your fleet's unique needs against current insurance.

Advice on Key Areas

Advise if any key aspects are not covered and may be at possible risk.

Best Rates

Negotiate the best insurance rates for your fleet.


Streamlined Insurance

Are you paying for unnecessary insurance add-ons?

Every fleet is different and if you don’t need insurance add-ons, such as roadside assistance, you definitely shouldn’t be paying for these.

Detailed Analysis

Receive detailed analysis of current insurance policies.

Identify Benefits

Identify the insurance extras that will most benefit your fleet.

Re-negotiate Insurance

Re-negotiate insurance cover to perfect suit your fleet.



An Expert

Make sure your insurance is fit for purpose.

Identify your exact fleet insurance needs.

Find out which policies are your best options.

Negotiate the best rates for the best insurance value.


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