Maintenance Management

Designed to help customers manage the risk and costs associated with vehicle maintenance, servicing and tyre replacement. 

Access to Expertise

Moving away from the traditional fleet card which has a high probability of fraud, we offer a subscription-based service where you pay a monthly subscription for access to the service.

Our maintenance management product is a standalone service designed to help you manage the risk and costs associated with vehicle maintenance, servicing and tyre replacement. We negotiate the best price, ensure warranties are upheld and repeat work, to fix a previous matter, is declined. Your driver drives away, we pay the supplier and send you an account at the end of the month.

KPIs 2

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) alert you to important events. Compare operating costs across vehicle types and across cost centres.

Nationwide network 2

Nationwide Network

Contact our nationwide network of service centres, for maintenance, services and repairs at the best price.

Vehicle Hierarchy 2

Vehicle Hierarchy

Group and manage the costs associated with your vehicles. Have the option of setting up permission-based hierarchies.

No Upfront Payment 2

No Upfront Payments

No upfront card payments, our repair specialists in our contact centre ensure that you only pay for necessary work, and you benefit from our rates and service standards.


EQSTRA has reliably supplied the requirements of the fleet management contract we have with them. We are supported by way of continuous meetings, audits and reports that exceeded our expectations."

Elevators & escalators

We have been in partnership with EQSTRA since 2014. We have contracted with EQSTRA for full maintenance lease and other support services. We would highly recommend EQSTRA as the provider of fleet management services for your fleet of vehicles."


Together, over many years, we have developed and fine-tuned our management and reporting structures to a point where these structures timeously deliver all the data required by us and our team to help us make quick and informed decisions regarding our fleet."

Elevators & escalators

We have been associated with EQSTRA since 2019. EQSTRA manages our technical and sales fleet under their FMR product together with other fleet management services including fines management, fuel and reporting."


EQSTRA was awarded the contract to supply us with fleet management services in 2004. The contract is for the supply of vehicles under their FMR service including fuel and toll management and vehicle tracking. We benefit from EQSTRA's integrated fleet management reporting."

Vehicle OEM

We have enjoyed the benefit of EQSTRA's services since 2008. We contracted with EQSTRA under their full maintenance lease service and we highly recommend them as a provider for anyone looking for fleet management services."

Material handling equipment

Our business arrangement with EQSTRA began in 2007 and today we have a substantial fleet of vehicles on full maintenance lease. We extended the services to include tracking and stolen vehicle recovery, eToll management and roadside assistance. EQSTRA has reliably supplied the requirements of the contract."

Courier & logistics

Since 2007 EQSTRA Fleet Management has been contracted to supply the following services: full maintenance lease, service scheduling, uptime management, short-term vehicle rental, vehicle tracking with driver ID, proxy management, driver training and short-term vehicle insurance with accident repair management. We are supported with continuous meetings and EQSTRA meets all reporting requirements."

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