Have your fleet costs sky-rocketed?

Manage your fleet's performance to optimise profitability.

Intelligent fleet data can assist you with understanding where your vehicles are travelling, if the travel is driving business performance, and where your fleet costs lie.

Align with a fleet management partner to fine-tune your fleet strategy and increase your business performance.


Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) through its Corporate Finance unit is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the acquisition of Eqstra Investment Holdings (Eqstra) by Nedbank Group. The acquisition will expand Nedbank’s product and services offering in Namibia and Eswatini and extend its footprint into a new market, Botswana. 

Support and Insights

Every month, we:

  • Purchase over 300 vehicles
  • Process over 5,000 traffic fines 
  • Manage over 1,000 accident claims from end to end
  • Negotiate and approve over 6,000 maintenance events
  • Provide roadside assistance to over 24,000 drivers
  • Provide live tracking with unique active management to over 30,000 vehicles 
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Fleet Management

Our job is to run your fleet effectively so you can focus on your business. Because we know that all fleets large or small are unique, the solutions we offer have all been customised to suit our customers' very specific fleet needs.

Having offered full maintenance leases to the market for nearly forty years our portfolio of services has naturally expanded over time and we offer a full suite of flexible fleet management services designed to meet your fleet needs exactly.

Telematic Solutions

Not only do we track your vehicle and provide all the functionality you would expect from a tracking system, but the data collected is included with all the other elements of fleet data.

From dots on a map to intelligent dashcams, vehicle/cargo protection devices, consolidated vehicle and driver scorecards, and route optimisation functionality, we have the right solution for you.

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Commercial Specialists

Ensure your fleet operations benefit from the best technical expertise available. Eqstra has access to accredited commercial workshops and panel shops ensuring that your fleet vehicles are on the road.

We manage all aspects of tyre care from driver behaviour and tyre rotating to ensuring the fitment of the right tyres to each vehicle.

Get the most out of your vehicle investment with our commercial vehicle expertise and management. 

Financial Services

We offer comprehensive vehicle fleet short-term insurance underwritten by some of the most prominent short-term insurers in South Africa. We combine industry expertise with future-proof technology solutions for policyholders who are looking to lower fleet costs.

Our maintenance, bolster and service plans with flexible payment options are underpinned by dedicated customer and dealer support, including a reliable relationship manager to give you expert advice.

EQSTRA Financial Services offers unrivalled insurer, customer and supplier integration of services.


We offer unrivalled insurer, customer and supplier integration of services.

Our customers range from heavy industrial, mining and construction groups to wholesalers, retailers, technology and telecommunications companies, banks and manufacturers.

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EQSTRA Financial Services service and maintenance plans backed by an extensive supply and repairer network.

Service and Maintenance Plans

Our plans are backed by an extensive supply and repairer network to get your vehicles back on the road in rapid time.

The service plan covers the service costs as per the manufacturers' service guide.

The maintenance plan covers the costs associated with the services and replacement of specific components due to normal wear and tear, services and major components for mechanical or electrical breakdown.

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Fleet management tools and resources are available to you to download free of charge.

Resources to Download

Fleet management tools and resources are available to you to download free of charge.

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We bring you new insights and an understanding in the ever-changing fleet management landscape.

Visit Our Blog: Fleet Intuition

We bring you new insights and an understanding in the ever-changing fleet management landscape.

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