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Range of fleet services that can stand alone or form part of an integrated solution.

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Warranty Management

Analyse existing and future warranties for real value.

Warranty Experts

Warranties are littered with fine print and exclusions.

Expert analyses will identify which policies benefit your fleet and which are simply costing you money without offering any real value.

Consolidate Warranties

Get a clear overview of all your current warranty benefits and expenses. Track when these expire so you can plan extensions if needed.

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Evaluate Warranties

Assess which warranties add value to your fleet and which are an unnecessary expense and should be replaced with an alternative.

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Calculate Risk

Get an expert assessment of your fleet risk in order to decide what types of warranties are most needed in your business.

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Consider Extensions

Depending on your fleet needs, you may need to look at extended warranties. Get the best industry rates should you take this route.

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Warranty tracking

Losing track of which warranties are still active?

In the same way you monitor mileage and driver behaviour, you also need to monitor the progress of warranties. You don’t want to get caught off-guard by expiration dates.

One Platform

All your warranty information managed on one platform.

Expiration Alerts

Be alerted of warranty expiration dates well in advance.

Ensure Best Value

Ensure you get the best value for money on your warranties.


Warranty Negotiations

Are you paying for warranty items you don’t need?

There are many types of warranties available and you need to assess which offer the best value to your specific fleet and business needs.

Identify Best Warranties

Identify types of warranties that will benefit your fleet.

Eliminate Expenses.

Eliminate unnecessary warranty items and expenses.

Financial Decisions

Decide when it makes financial sense to extend a warranty.


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An Expert

Assess warranty value and risk.

Decide when it’s best to extend a warranty.

Keep track of all warranty expiration dates.

Make sure your warranties suit your fleet.


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