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Range of fleet services that can stand alone or form part of an integrated solution.

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We offer full fleet management services, tailored to your specific business needs.

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Whether you have a single question or need a full consultation, our expert consultants are here to assist.

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Strategic Consulting

Track industry best practice

With over thirty years of fleet management experience, EQSTRA has access to invaluable data to tailor-make a solid and efficient strategy to suit any type of fleet. A key part of any successful strategy is a solid network and access to reliable resources, and EQSTRA has invested over three decades in building this support system.

Knowledge Bank

View all your fleet movements in real-time.

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Network Access

Instant access to a repair, maintenance and support network across the country.

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Eliminate Delays

Expert consultants to help you organise and optimise your fleet from day one.

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Intelligent Insight

Benefit from the insight of consultants experienced in with all types of fleets.

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Unclear Solutions

Unsure which solutions best suit your fleet needs?

Explore your fleet options and find the best fit for your business.

Unique Solutions

Every fleet is unique and requires tailor-made solutions.

Working Solutions

Only spend money on solutions that work.

Time is Money

Time is money and you need the right strategy from the start.


Get the right fit for your fleet, no matter its size or shape. Benefit from in-depth financial analysis, accurate benchmarking, best pricing on vehicles and an extended support network.


An Expert

Don’t be overwhelmed by data.

Run an intelligent fleet business with accurate data.

Expert data analysis is your greatest fleet asset.

Reduce costs by pre-empting annual expenses.


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