Short-term Vehicle Rental

With short and mid-term commercial vehicle rental solutions, it is now easy to increase your fleet capacity on demand. Our truck hire specialists offer high-quality and specialised commercial vehicles, mini-buses and light commercial vehicles on an ad-hoc basis.


Save time and money without the cost and risk of owning a fleet of commercial vehicles. Supplement your current fleet over peak periods. Include qualified drivers and be assured that your goods are delivered professionally and timeously.

EQSTRA Fleet Management provides you with comprehensive vehicle selection including specialised vehicles.

Comprehensive vehicle selection including specialised vehicles

EQSTRA Fleet Management's contact centre provides 24/7 national support.

24/7 national support with a contact centre

With EQSTRA Fleet Management, you have the option to include waivers.

Options to include waivers

With EQSTRA Fleet Management, you have access to daily to monthly rates.

Daily to monthly rates

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's vehicle telematics and geofencing.

Vehicle telematics and geofencing

EQSTRA Fleet Management provides you with the option to make online requests.

Online requests

Access to EQSTRA Fleet Management's driver and operator services.

Driver and operator services

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They stand out in the category of truck rental providers.

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It's your fleet rental simplified... Best fleet management organisation. They have an amazing culture and the people are great.

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