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Fuel Management

Hidden fuel costs can be a huge drain on your business.

Get ahead of

Vehicle fuel costs

Fuel costs are the biggest, and most flexible, fuel expense. It needs to be tracked in detail for fleet managers to get a clear view of their real fuel spend compared to projections.

Identify Misuse of Fuel Cards

With fuel card tracking you can recon all card usage and identify any fraudulent activity.

Compare Mileage with Usage

Identify discrepancies through accurate vehicle and fuel spend tracking.

Reduce Paperwork

Cut down on admin time and costs with live tracking and automated reports.

Calculate Efficiency

Tracking will highlight any vehicles or drivers operating outside your parameters.


Hidden fuel costs can be a huge drain on your business. Track expenses with driver fuel cards.



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And get an overview of your predicted finances.

Get a free analysis of your current cash flow.

Find out which cost-saving solutions will help.

Streamline your fleet budget process.


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Fuel card Misuse

Is fuel card misuse costing your business?

An effective fuel card management system will make a big difference to your balance sheet.
Avoid excessive cost by paying attention to detail. Here’s how:

Get Instant Notifications

If fuel cards are used outside specified areas.

Set Limitations

Apply limits to what can be used per day or per trip.

Intelligent Comparison

Compare the amount fuelled with the size of fuel tanks to avoid cards being used on unauthorised vehicles.

Calculate Efficiency

Is your fleet as efficient as it can be?

The right data allows you to calculate cost per kilometre for every driver and vehicle.
It also means you can plan ahead and minimise unexpected costs. Here’s how:

Accurate Fuel Card Management

Will identify the most and least fuel-efficient drivers giving you the opportunity to address concerns.

Comparing Projected Fuel Consumption

With real fuel consumption will identify concerns with specific vehicles.

Detailed Reporting

Ensures accurate fuel projections and minimise unexpected costs.

Save by using

The Discounted Cashflow Calculator

Calculate the net present value of your cashflow and align your fleet strategy.

Determine Your Revenue

Streamline costs by determining your revenue and business growth with the Discounted Cashflow Calculator.

Future Projection

Strategise and plan with future budget and cashflows projections.

Compare Strategy

With cash flow predictions, compare a variety of strategies.

Calculate Cash Flow

Clear and Accurate View

Of your cash flow, with the Discounted Cash Flow Calculator.

Determine revenue and business growth.

Track performance and compare with strategy.

Project future cash flow and impact on bottom line.


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