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Why we are industry leaders


How we became the fleet partner of choice

For over three decades EQSTRA has been partnering with customers in southern Africa to optimise their fleets. Based at 16 locations in four countries, we offer our customers a single point of access to the entire range of fleet solutions, all managed in-house and on one platform.

Our job is to run your fleet effectively so you can focus on your business.

We understand the hidden costs of running a fleet, we go out of our way to save our customers money. Through effective supplier management, fuel rebates, driver management, preventative maintenance, cost control and insight and exception reporting we save our +1200 customers on their fleet costs.

Every month we-
• Process over 5,000 traffic fines
• Manage over 1,000 accident claims from end to end
• Negotiate and approve over 12,000 maintenance events
• Provide roadside assistance to over 60 000 drivers
• Provide live tracking with unique active management to over 30,000 vehicles.

Our competitors follow our lead.

In our quest to find a fleet management system addressing the very specific fleet management needs of every customer, we searched the world over and found all systems wanting. So we invested eight years and R250 million in building our own.

To never forget that mission of finding a system flexible enough to accommodate the needs of every customer we called this system Quest.

Global fleet directors have said they haven’t ever seen anything like Quest. Even our competitors have admitted that it represents the future in fleet management, and some are even investigating ways to introduce similar functionalities to their own systems.

Quest merges technology with software to give customers insights never seen before, and full control and visibility through powerful reporting.

One size never fits all

Because we know that all fleets large or small are unique, the solutions we offer have all been customised to suit our customers very specific fleet needs.

Our expert approach is to
• first listen
• analyse fleet data that you may have (no obligation)
• then prepare innovative but practical solutions geared to meet your needs exactly

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Get a free risk analysis of
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Get a free risk analysis of
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Get a free risk analysis of
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