Allowance Optimiser

The Allowance Optimiser, is an employee value proposition program designed for the employee.  It is a personal vehicle cost manager which enables the employee to make informed decisions about vehicle purchases, focusing on total cost of ownership and tax, saving time and money.


While purchasing a vehicle can be an exciting experience, it can often be a time-consuming and challenging one as well. Selecting the ideal vehicle means asking the right questions, checking on a wide variety of details, negotiating a fair price, taking into account considerations such as resale value and total cost of ownership, and assessing the overall condition of the vehicle to ensure low maintenance and running costs. Add to this the amount of time the process can take, from browsing vehicles online, to visiting showrooms, asking for quotes, going for test drives and applying for finance, and it becomes clear why many allowance users find the experience extremely frustrating.


Now, however, thanks to the Allowance Optimiser from Eqstra Financial Services, purchasing a vehicle no longer needs to be a lengthy, complicated procedure, but a simple hassle-free and seamless. 


As an employee’s own personal fleet manager, the Allowance Optimiser will enable you to take advantage of the many benefits EFM has to offer as one of the leaders in South African fleet management. We offer expert advice and guidance on vehicle selection, tax advice, competitive maintenance rates and cost effective insurance. It's the comprehensive vehicle purchasing solution you've been looking for, and it's ready to guide you to a vehicle that's perfect for your needs, and in line with your budget.  Maximum rewards, with minimum effort on your part.


The Allowance Optimiser has the following product offering you can benefit from:


  • Vehicle Procurement (Supplier Management)

  • Finance Facilitation

  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • Vehicle Tracking and Recovery with SARS approved logbook

  • Maintenance & Service Plans

  • Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranties

  • Tyre Warranty’s

  • Credit Shortfall Cover

  • Credit Life Cover

  • Trade Ins & Guaranteed Buybacks


    Customers of the Allowance Optimiser also receive a membership card.  With this membership card our customer can enjoy various benefits through the EFM supply chain such as discounts on tyres and maintenance, reduced pricing on car rental and many more.


    For more information please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our helpful consultants or email us and we will contact you back.


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