About Us About us: Eqstra Fleet Management Find out about our vision and our principles.

EFM is a key player in the South African and African corporate fleet sector and prides itself on delivering exceptional value, offering our customers an integrated solution for their fleets and a consolidation of data for a single view of their fleet costs.

A word from our MD

At Eqstra we are passionate about fleet management and delivering sustainable and quantifiable value to you, our customers. Our range of integrated solutions are designed to not only finance vehicles but to actively manage your fleet optimally and efficiently.

Selecting us as your fleet management partner has many benefits:

  • Partners - We don’t just finance vehicles. We partner with you and actively manage your fleet
  • Business insider - Our passionate fleet management team will spend time understanding your business and learning about your unique requirements
  • Flexibility - We understand that your business and its requirements are unique. Where possible, we will customize solutions to suit your business needs
  • Only SA driver management programme- Enhance your fleet performance through our sophisticated driver management programme reducing incidence and frequency of accidents and associated operational costs.
  • Dedicated support- Our SA fleet consultancy can review your fleet policies and funding options, whilst providing integrated fleet management solutions in-house
  • Thinking ahead - We continually invest in our people and technology platforms to stay abreast of the evolving fleet environment. Our agile IT solutions enable you a single view of your fleet with details on costs and usage.
  • Triple bottom line solutions – Our solutions make business sense, and deliver a quantifiable return on investment for your business

We are agile, responsive and our solutions are a product of customer need. Our solutions offer comprehensive fleet management, proven to save your company time and money and keeping your fleet active.

Vision and Mission

To be the leading integrated fleet management solutions provider globally, creating compelling value and sustainable returns that exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.”


Broad based Black Economic Empowerment is both our business and moral imperative for addressing the inequalities of the past. Eqstra Fleet Management has a Level 3 BEE status that includes:

  • Employment equity plan
  • Focus on effective supply chain management
  • Group review of our BEE shareholding
  • Enterprise development company Amasondo Fleet Services

Carbon Footprint

Transport is a growing contributor to harmful carbon emissions, air pollution and climate change. As a fleet management company with over 60 000 vehicles under management, our commitment and responsibility is to monitor and deliver initiatives that will reduce both our and the impact of our clients on the environment.

Some initiatives:

  • EFM Carbon Offset Project – We have partnered with Food & Trees for Africa, a South African social enterprise that facilitates climate change action and greening projects. To date, we have planted 12,000 trees and have installed solar-powered geysers in underprivileged areas. This initiative offsets our carbon footprint but also helps communities in need to reduce their environmental carbon footprint.
  • The Best Lift Club – We launched a car pooling initiative, the best lift club, with the Gauteng MEC of Transport in October 2011. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, we are indirectly reducing carbon emissions and helping citizens to manage their carbon footprint.
  • Umdoni Gel Stoves Project – Paraffin stoves are harmful to the environment and a health and safety hazard. Through this initiative, 4000 clean burning bio-fuel and ethanol stoves assisting rural households to reduce their carbon footprint.


We are committed to dedicating a portion of our profits to the social upliftment of our country. Our Eqstralution initiative is a centralized and coordinated programme supporting education in South Africa, with a focus on growing technical skills, and supporting feeder schools, which grow these skills. Growing technical skills is our business imperative and critical in supporting the South African economy growth objectives.

As a key player in the transport sector, EFM Fleet Management and Logistics is also a thought leader in the Road Safety space with programmes geared towards protecting road users.

  • Think Pedestrian – Through a partnership with The National Department of Transport, the UN and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Think Pedestrian is an awareness raising campaign that aims to reduce pedestrian accidents and improve infrastructure in hazardous locations nationally.

ISO 9001

Our EFM business strategy is to not only be the best but also the most responsible fleet provider in the market. Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics is an authorized financial services provider, fully compliant and ISO 9001 accredited.


We view our relationships with our customers as partnerships, governed by long term, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships. We provide:

  • Tailor made solutions
  • World class services
  • Fleet mix and size flexibility
  • Competitive pricing
  • And industry proven controls limiting fraud/abuse

Our business operates on a principle of transparency, our strategic partnership enables you to focus on your core business whilst outsourcing all transport requirements to EFM, industry-recognized specialists.